Add an LED multi coloured dance lights that are activated with music signal and enhance your partyès vibe . This cost effective feature is the best way to energize your dance floor without breaking your budget.

With this active lighting system, you won’t get various colours and patterns that overlap and can be an eye sore and damaging to your event photos. Instead, you’ll get a synchronized pattern of lights that look elegant yet still give a party vibe.

Set The


Take your party up a notch with this beat synchronized LED dance light system.
dj dance lights LED


Whether you’re having a wedding, birthday or corporate event, the LED lighting system will only add to your party. It’s a must have for anyone looking for a lively dancefloor.


Instantly adds an energetic vibe to the dancefloor without emptying your wallet.

Simple yet powerful

This high quality lighting effect projects a powerful yet elegant coloured effect on to the dance-floor. Connected to the DJ system, the lights move with the beat of the music in a synchronized fashion.

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