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A live musician’s performance is the cherry on top for your party entertainment. An electrifying performance from our live percussionist, violinist, or drummer will take your party over the top!

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Percussionist and DJ in action

It’s about taking your party over the top. Making sure your guests leave with the best of memories and entertainment that will have them talking for months. You’re spending a lot on hosting an event and we’re going to make it pay off, big time! A live drummer with DJ will add that special ingredient to your night.

Meet our talented team of musicians

Hiring only the best in the industry, our team of drummers, violinist and percussionists are some of Toronto’s highly sought after talents. Contact us today to check if the talent you’re looking for is available for your party date.
live percussionist toronto

You'll love Habibi's lively set as he goes into the crowd and brings the dancefloor an energy that's unmatched.


Djembe Performer
lebanese drummers toronto

The Lebanese drummer is perfect for a big flashy entrance, Middle Eastern dance or any segment of a party looking for a big spectacle.

Lebanese Drums

TamTam, Darbuka, Drummer
bongo conga player toronto

There's a reason why they call him the Dr of the drums! Dr Bongo has a skill set on the bongos and congas that will rock your dance floor.

Dr Bongo

Bongo, Conga, Darbuka Player
violinist for wedding

If you can think it, he can play it. The String Master's touch on the violin is second to none!

String Master

bongo player toronto

Having toured all over the world with lead singers, Arash has a unique touch that will dazzle your guests.


Bongo, Conga, Drummer
celebrity drummer

From shows in Vegas to over the top weddings in Canada, Dahov will put a show that is not to be forgotten.

Celebrity Drummer

TamTam, Darbuka, Drummer
drummer for dj event toronto

One of the best drummer's in Toronto that can make any song sound like it's being heard at a concert.

Jay Rock



The energizing vibe a live percussionist or drummer gives will have the dance floor rocking all night!


Regardless of the music genre, a live percussionist will go well with any party music genre.


Combine the best of both worlds; get a live band element on top of the DJ’s music.


Differentiate your party from the others with this trendy party add on.


A live percussionist will give your dancefloor an explosive energy boost.


Whether it’s African, Middle Eastern, European or Western music, we got the right drum for the perfect matching sound.

The right instrument for the perfect sound

We have a wide variety of different drum and percussion instruments that go with any music genre. Tonbak, darbuka, tempo, djembe, bongo and congas, electric and bass drum are just a few instruments from our collection that will ignite your dancefloor.
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Bongo & Congas

Bongo & Congas

Tonbak & Darbuka

Tonbak & Darbuka





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