Choosing a good Toronto DJ service to hire can be a frustrating task. Here are a list of common questions and answers to help you find the right entertainment for your big night. If you don’t find your question here please contact us and not only will we be happy to answer your question but we will add it to this list for others.​
How do I know who the right Toronto DJ service for my event is?

Research the mobile DJ service to hire. Ask all the questions you feel will qualify them as your source of entertainment. Ask your friends about the company, any Toronto wedding DJ should have a reputable public name. You should hear good reviews from your friends and family before you hire the Toronto party DJ considered.

DJ Borhan Entertainment is a Toronto party DJ service. We are happy to say that most of our bookings are a result of ‘word of mouth’; people who have experienced our services and referred us to their friends and family. You can view our ​Toronto DJ service testimonials here.

What kind of sound system is required for my event?

Every event has different sound system requirements, depending on the size of the hall, number of guests, performances and space allocated for the sound system. Regardless of this, all the equipment used should be professional industry standard. The wedding DJ in Toronto providing the equipment should give you the details of their system; this way you can research the products used and verify they are up to par.

DJ Borhan Toronto Wedding Entertainment uses strictly the best equipment. All of our packages include premium sound systems. 2 high powered speakers (1,000 watt each), a high powered 1,000 watt sub-woofer and long range wireless microphone are used for events less than 200 guests (this system can power far above 200 guests). Events exceeding this have extra speakers added. The brands we use are: QSC K-12 speakers, QSC Kw181 sub-woofers & Shure Wireless Handhelds.

For weddings, what process is there in hiring party DJs in Toronto?

There should be in person consultations, event planning and organizing, venue check, list of songs to be and not to be played. If you’ve hired an MC (master of ceremony) you should get to meet them as well to go over the presentation format.

We like to meet the wedding couple once in person to go over their event (usually at the venue they’ve chosen) to go over the couples requirements, the contract and other details. We communicate with the couple on any ideas, changes, or add-ons to their event via email and telephone up to their wedding. As the date of the wedding approaches we meet the couple another time to finalize all the details for the best wedding.

Can we select songs we want played? Does the Toronto party DJ take live requests?

A list of songs to be played and not played should be given to the potential wedding DJ in Toronto at least a week prior to the event. DJs should always take requests from guests and unless they contradict the flow of the dance floor they should be played.

DJ Borhan Toronto Wedding Entertainment always takes a list of song selections to be and not to be played for the night. We also provide suggestions of specific songs throughout the night such as the entrance song or the tossing of bouquet song. Although we have a huge library of music we go one step further and carry a portable internet stick. This gives us internet access from any location to download music on the spot should any request come up that we do not have.

What type of personality does the MC or DJ have?

This is a crucial and overlooked element when hiring your Toronto wedding entertainment team. Your MC should be polite and well mannered. The DJ should not play offensive music or music with profanity (unless stated otherwise). They should be dressed appropriately for the event.

DJ Borhan Toronto DJ Services places etiquette on the high priority list. We hire strictly well-mannered confident, witty and enthusiastic MCs to host the night. Our music does not consist of any foul language nor do we dress in anything less than a professional suit. We do not drink or smoke at the event. Nothing is worse than a member of the entertainment crew leaving the reception unattended for a smoke or drink.

When will the Ontario DJ service setup at the event? Do they carry back-up equipment?

If the setup location has already been discussed, the Toronto party DJ should arrive at least an hour prior to the event. Back-up equipment should be reserved at a close location in case of failure.

DJ Borhan Wedding Entertainment likes to arrive ahead of schedule. This gives plenty of time to setup and verify sound quality. Although we carry the best in equipment and have never experienced technical difficulties, anything is possible. As a mobile DJ service, we carry a back-up system that’s ready to go should something unlikely occur.


Are there any events that we can see the Ontario wedding DJ crew perform?

Weddings are typically private functions and it would be unorthodox to attend a strangers wedding to judge the wedding DJ. The wedding DJ in Toronto should provide alternative ways for a couple who wishes to see them perform.

We are very open and flexible but one of our very firm policies is that we cannot allow a prospective client to attend somebody else’s wedding. Several reasons for this: A) We have no authority in inviting guests to the wedding. B) Getting a glimpse of the wedding will not tell you much of the night’s performance. It’s like opening a novel to a specific page, reading a chapter and basing the book on that particular chapter. C) We devote 110% of our attention and focus on the wedding’s presentation; therefore we cannot briefly step aside to talk to our potential client. D) Our presentations are customized for that particular party, they have been discussed and arranged in way to fit the requirements of that bride and groom; thus it might not be what you are looking for at your event. We do however provide alternatives such as: public functions that the same Toronto party DJ will perform such as nightclubs, festivals, or fundraisers. We also provide references from newlyweds and distribute annual CD mixes.​

How are you different from other local DJ services?

A Toronto party DJ should have their unique style of presentation, services provided, and special effects that differentiate their work from other Toronto mobile DJs.

What separates DJ Borhan from other Toronto party DJs is delivery. We use contemporary methods of presentation. Our interactive MCs will have your guests, dancing, laughing, and enjoying the night. We invest highly into our equipment; carrying only premium quality sound and lighting systems. We do not offer ‘basic’ sound or lighting packages as this will make both our services and your reception look cheap. We do not charge extra for our premium services but include it in our regular wedding packages. From intelligent lighting, to high performance speakers we provide top notch equipment to bring out the best in your party. We are versatile, we don’t have fixed play lists, we play to the groove of the crowd. We are subscribed to DJ services that provide us with unique up-tempo remixes of songs you won’t find anywhere else. These are paid subscriptions that put us on top of other Toronto party DJs for hire. Remixes can be heard in our DJ mixes page. We are always available for advice should any questions arise before the event.

How do we pay you? What are the payment options?

DJs typically take a deposit upon contract signing and take full payment prior to the event.

DJ Borhan Entertainment takes a deposit upon the date of contract signing. A deposit of $200 is sufficient to secure our Toronto DJ services for your date. We generally take the remainder of the payment on the night of. We accept cash, cheque or online payment via e-Transfer or PayPal under the email contact(at)djborhan(dot)com​.

How much does your Toronto party DJ charge for your events?

Prices should vary depending on event specifications.

We don’t have a fixed price for every event. Our prices have various contributing factors: A) Location of the event. B) Services required; ie. reception only or with ceremony? C) Number of guests (so we know the type of speakers to bring). D) Lighting and other special effect packages. Our starting price for DJ services for a wedding in Toronto under 150 guests would be $1,900. This wedding package includes a premium sound system with wireless microphone, Toronto DJ services, a separate party MC and 2 free CDs with all the audio from your night.​

Other Considerations

When choosing a Toronto wedding DJ, you want to make sure the DJ has the perquisites of Djing. This includes professional beat-matching and the ability to read the crowd and play music according to their groove. You should always ask the Toronto party DJ you look to hire for a demo mix of his work or hear them live at a public event.


Make sure the company you hire sends the Toronto party DJ you interview to the event. Various companies that employee several DJs will send another DJ who is available with short notice.


Pricing for a Toronto wedding DJ varies drastically from company to company. Be aware of companies that advertise very low rates but have hidden charges such as setup or take down fees. Even with no hidden fees companies that have very low pricing may lack experience, quality in equipment or other factors that you may regret on your big night. You get what you pay for!


If you’re picky on the type of sound equipment a DJ uses, do not be overwhelmed on the quantity of speakers the DJ brings. With today’s technology you can get single high quality, high powered speakers that can give high output sounds. Quality over quantity is what you should seek for. Speakers should give off a minimum of 1000watts per speaker. Having too many speakers, stands, wires and such all over your reception hall will take away from its decorative elegance.


When hiring a DJ service with special effects such as dry ice, lighting, MC, etc., make sure the services are fulfilled by more than one person. Having one person operate the lighting, host the night over the microphone, operate the dry ice and DJ can be overwhelming, troublesome and very unprofessional.

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