When you do what you love,

it’s not a job, it’s life!

Bring your dream wedding to reality! The biggest night of your life deserves the best entertainment. DJ Borhan’s experience, skill, and personality is the perfect fit for the perfect night.


DJ Borhan packs 16+ years of DJing experience with a specialization in wedding entertainment and international events. Mix that with his passion to perform and you get results that exceed expectations. It’s not just a job; DJ Borhan loves DJing, making people dance and displaying his musical craft for weddings of all kinds.

Peace of mind

Have peace of mind with your wedding entertainment. DJ Borhan is fully licensed and has liability insurance, a requirement from most wedding venues. Backup equipment is also included in all wedding packages.

Premium quality

Elevate your wedding with DJ Borhan’s premium quality LED booth setup, and professional wedding entertainment services. From new feature-packed DJ equipment to his overall performance, your guests will thank you for having great wedding entertainment for years to come!

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For over a decade, DJ Borhan has played at Toronto’s most elite venues, including Thompson Hotel, Four Seasons, Shangri-La, The Ritz-Carlton and alike. DJ Borhan has also performed internationally, from all over the US, Europe, Canada, United Kingdom, Dubai to the Caribbean.

DJ Borhan’s years of experience, extensive international performances, large music knowledge and art of smooth blending has turned him into one of Canada’s highly sought after DJs. Borhan’s impressive DJ style is eclectic and energetic, and he’s passionate about bringing his skills to couples looking for a fresh, fun take on a wedding DJ.

A wedding DJ with an extensive

nightclub and international resume.

Anyone can become a wedding DJ in Toronto. However, when you have years of experience rockin’ dancefloors across the globe, including destination weddings and the hottest international nightclubs, you build a skillset and vast music library that is unmatched.

A wedding DJ with real music knowledge, dynamic mixing abilities and the ability to play each song to the crowd’s vibe is what sets DJ Borhan apart from the rest.

What  other couples have said

With countless five star ratings and positive testimonials,
check out why everyone loves our wedding DJ services.
Real weddings from the blog:
best wedding dj toronto

Bobby & SheidaJune 2019

Destination wedding in Lake Como, Italy with DJ Borhan.

wedding djs mc in toronto

Wael & SanazJul. 2018

Luxury wedding in Toronto with DJ Borhan, MC, and live percussionist.

persian wedding dj mc

Navid & GhazalNov. 2018

Destination wedding in Orlando, Florida with DJ Borhan and MC.

destination wedding dj

Tara & KasraApr. 2019

Destination wedding in Cancun, Mexico with DJ Borhan and MC.

Whether he is performing at a world-renowned nightclub or a destination wedding overseas, DJ Borhan packs unmatched experience and a DJ skill set to rock any dance floor! DJ Borhan’s international portfolio will give you peace of mind with the biggest night of your life.

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DJ Borhan’s sets are customized uniquely for each wedding. Without using repetitive DJ sets or playlists, DJ Borhan plays each song on the spot based on the crowd’s response and vibe. A versatile DJ who knows their music and plays for the people is the key to a successful party!

Smooth blends, real scratches, and flawless mixing will give you a packed dance floor full of continuous energy-momentum! As a professional wedding DJ, you will not get fixed sets or pre-mixed songs. DJ Borhan mixes every song on the spot based on the crowd’s vibe – this is the art in DJing and playing for the people.

For wedding couples looking for a fresh take on the wedding DJ, Borhan works to create a personalized music atmosphere on their big day.
A wedding in Toronto with DJ BorhanPosted by DJ Borhan on Sunday, June 5, 2016

Star power

on the turntables

On the biggest night of your life, do you want average or world-class entertainment? DJ Borhan and his elite team know how to keep your guests pumped all night long. Seamless DJ mixing between genres, flawless song selections and expert crowd reading skills all add to their perfect performance art that will take your wedding over the top! Not only do you get a marquee wedding DJ, but you get an expert to help you along the way. With our backup protection, insurance coverage and years of experience, your wedding is ensured to be stress-free and fun, the way it should be!

First class presentation

We’re critical of our presentation; you won’t see any dangling wires, company logos, or an unprofessional and unsafe equipment setup. Our presentation is sharp, clean, and our confidence and warm personality matches the style of today’s modern couples.
DJ Booth for Weddings
Designer DJ booth

If we put this much care in the presentation of our performance,

imagine the preparation we’ll do for your big night!

Wedding package special effects

Add illuminating dance or decor lighting, special effect dry ice, or live musicians that will take your reception to new heights!

Live drummers or percussionist

Add a live drummer to your wedding DJ package and spice up the party. Choose from different drummers and drums sets that fit with the theme of your wedding party. This trendy add-on is all you need in combining the best of live and digital music for the ultimate wedding party!

dry ice for wedding in toronto

Dry Ice

dance lighting packages for wedding

Dance Lights

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Photo Booth

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Wedding DJ services with MC

Meet DJ Borhan and his MC team that will make your dream wedding party come true!
wedding dj toronto persian

Canada's only DJ specializing in international events, destination weddings, and wedding DJ services in the GTA Toronto.

DJ Borhan

Wedding DJ with international experience.
MC in toronto french

The wit, enthusiasm, and professional tone MC Arya brings a wedding is unmatched.

MC Arya

Bilingual Wedding MC: French and English.
wedding mc in toronto

The tone, experience, & wittiness he brings to a wedding is second to none!

MC Franky

Trilingual Wedding MC: English, Spanish, Farsi.
toronto mc services

One of Toronto's most highly sought after MCs.

MC Sean

Bilingual Wedding MC: English and Farsi.

All of the wedding packages include DJ Borhan’s services and one of his exclusive wedding MCs.

When music matters

Exclusive song remixes, exceptional mixing and blending, adaptive crowd reading skills and the passion we do it with all lead to having the ultimate wedding reception party!
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Hip Hop Mixes

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Top 40 DJ Mixes

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Latin DJ Mixes

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Persian DJ Mixes

Real DJing is an art.
DJ Borhan doesn’t use fixed playlists,
auto-sync beat matching or outdated DJ equipment.

It’s not easy to use the best equipment. It requires more skill, more training and it’s more expensive! DJ Borhan has worked hard in mastering this craft, which ultimately provides you with results that are unmatched in the industry. Just like a chef uses only the best cutting knives and ingredients, DJ Borhan uses the best hardware and music software equipment to present his work.

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A successful wedding starts with the right entertainment.

It’s your wedding night, do you really want anything less than the best?